Preparation for Action

Guys sex is dangerous. The experience consists of a lot of body fluid transaction which means if you have sex with the same person enough times, you will end up sharing pretty much all the diseases she has.
The most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and genital herpes. The first two are bacterial infections, which means you can eventually get rid of them. The last one is viral, meaning as long as you live, you will carry the virus which will re-surface whenever your immune system weakens for whatever reason. Chlamydia and gonorrhea both cause some discharge from your dong and it burns when you pee. There might be some fever but they both won't be lethal. If you have sex while you are showing symptoms you will transmit it to your partner. Herpes causes sores to appear on your thingy. They might burn or itch. They will pass without using any medicine but they will come back. Once you get it, you will transmit it whenever the sores are there. 
There is, of course, HIV, which will cause your whole immune system to crumble down, and most likely kill you. If I remember correctly, the odds of getting HIV from an infected woman, even if you don't use protection, was %6. Don't let the low persantage fool you. %6 chance to die for some lousy sex is %6 too much for me. It is significantly higher for women. You can get HIV from kissing but it is a very low chance.
You can also get cold sores from kissing, or oral sex. Since there are usually traces of fecal matter (poo) around the genital regions unless the girl just took a shower, there is also a chance of getting hepatitis A from oral sex. 
Are you scared yet? Well don't be. Millions of people are having sex each minute and most of them are just fine. 
There a lot of benefits to having sex. Having sex is a great method of some cardio excersice. Dopamine is released during and right after the act which causes you to be happy ( most drugs make you happy by increasing the efficieny of dopamine in your brain or mimicing dopamine ). At the moment of orgasm you release oxytocin which causes you to feel intimate, or in love, with your partner. A natural love elixir. Also, having sex strengthens your immune system GREATLY by being exposed to the weak bacteria and virus of your partner. Works just like a vaccination.
So here is my advice on the matter; if you trust the girl, if you guys are long-term, you MIGHT consider not using a condom after a certain number of encounters. Otherwise use condom all the time. Even if you know the girl, using a condom is always the best way to go. If you are in a situation where you can have sex but do not have a condom, don't have sex. Remember that sex lasts for a short time, but the after effects might cost you your life. Condoms will also be the best method of birth control (I will talk about this subject in future blogs).

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