Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Before we move on to other chapters, we need to understand the concept well enough. Lets take an evolutionary perspective.
As you well know, we, homo sapiens, are a close relative of apes. So when you think about your instincts about sex, you should consider the apes.
Most guys have a premature ejaculation problem. Believe it or not, this is because we are wired to ejaculate prematurely. Most girls have a hard time reaching climax even once during intercourse. This is also the natural way of things. Here is how it goes with the apes;
1. The females objective is to mate with as many males as possible in order to increase the chance of pregnancy.
2. The males objective is to carry its genes to the next generation by mating with a female.
3. They are not in a water-bed, in front of a fire place. They are in jungle. There are dangers, and they are defenceless during the act.
4. So the mating process must take place as fast as possible.
5. As a result, the male reaches climax as fast as possible. They have only 1 bullet. Once they are done, they get out of the way.
6. Meanwhile, the females climax takes time. And even after she reaches climax, she can keep going (multiple orgasms). This enables her to gather as much genes as possible, and maximise the chance of pregnancy.

So as you can see, if you give in to your instincts, you will be a practical, yet lousy lover.
You will have to learn self-control, which will be covered in the next blog..

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  1. Interesting! Next time I bust a nut within 5 minutes, I'll tell her we're designed this way lol