Some Trivial Info

In order to know your enemy, you must first know yourself. In this case ladies, are our lifelong enemies.
In the previous posts Ive talked about our monkey-nature, why it is acctually expected from us to fail in sex and the orgasm mechanisms of both sexes.
Now I will talk a little about the male physiology.
If you read my last post, you now understand that there are two keypoints to be a good lover;
1. Know where to stimulate, which I will explain later.
2. Last long enough..

Now for some of you lucky guys out there, this may come naturally. But I know that a huge amount of us males have a problem with our performance in this area. Did you know that premature ejaculation technically means being unable to last more than 1 minute? So there are some guys who acctually take pride in lasting for 2 minutes. Heh..
I have some tips for you guys. But first you need to understand the factors involved here. First of all there is the psychological one. If the situation is "hot" for you, you wont last as much. So it is true, the more experience you have, the more you will last, simply because you wont be as excited as you used to be. Men are stimulated by visual input, while ladies are stimulated more by psychological input. So if this is your first time, you probably wont be a god in bed. In other words, if your partners very atractive to you, you will enjoy it more (Duh!).
Oxygen is another factor. The more carbondioxide in your blood, the more you enjoy sex. This is why people suffocate themselves while masturbating and end up dead. 
Another factor is, the speed. The faster you go, the more you will enjoy. The whole process of ejaculating is about %70 percent pschological and %30 percent physical.
Lastly, the muscles you use comes into play. If you use your abdominal muscles, you will most likely be contracting another muscle which puts pressure on the right spot.
So here are the tips ;
1. If it is your first time, if giving pleasure means more to you than getting it, or if you just want to make your partner almost pass out from pleasure for the hell of it, try not to look at her. Close your eyes, look somewhere else, or look directly into her eyes to avoid looking to her body. Imagining something else that turns you off can also help.
2. Breathe well. From your diaphragm, breathe well, and slowly. Try to control your bpm. This will be way easier for the fit guys. Focus on your breath. Which will both pull the focus from your partner ( first item) and make your blood more oxygen saturated.
3. Well this is a tricky subject. The faster you go, the more you BOTH enjoy. So if you go slow it wont really be efficient. The best way here is fluctuation. Go fast, then slow down, then go fast again and so on..
4. This part is missed by most. Instead of using your abdominal muscles (your belly muscles) use your gluteus maximus a.k.a. , your butt. If you use your butt and your leg muscles for the act, you will release some pressure which will help a long way.

And heres a cheat; If this is your first time but you absolutely want to rock, masturbate before you meet. This will definetly make you last longer. Do not use retardants or condoms with retardants for it will not really change the result that much, but you will also add a chance of  "powering down"  during the act, simply because you will go numb in there. At least thats whats happened with me. You have no idea how wierd it is when you are going pretty fine and all of a sudden you just go limp.
More will follow guys.


The Difference Between Two Sexes

Ok, so far we covered the basic principles behind sex, now lets take a look at the way orgasms work for the male and the female.  This is going to be a long one but I bet you will learn a thing or two.

You see, while we poor males are one-shot creatures (2-shot at best anyway), females can go on forever. I have seen ladies having over 25 orgasms over a single night while I was still in my second. The female orgasms  are different from ours. Heres a graph of the male orgasm ;

And here is the female orgasm;

Heh I told you I was taking the scientific approach on the matter. Anyways, as you can see the orgasm charts are completely different.
In the male chart, which is pretty simple, you can see the intensity does not really change with time, until the moment of orgasm. After the climax, intensity goes to 0, meaning we no longer wanna have sex. So basically the first chart describes a guy who gets freaky for some time and then turns the other way and fall asleep. The sad truth is, the mechanism stays the same with every male no matter how good of a lover you are. The hormones we secrete before, during and after climax makes us acts so and there is no resisting it. The way you behave about it, or the time it takes for you to reach climax, however, depends on you. You can toss the lady off the bed right after you got yours and go to sleep or you can keep going, to try and make her reach hers, and cuddle even if you dont really want to. (No one really wants to) After a while you might be ready for another round. Lets call the time between the two rounds cooldown period. In the male, each new round, takes a longer cooldown period to get back to the game. Also, each round, you will last longer. So for example, if it took you 5 minutes to finish in the first round, it will take you half an hour to go to the second round which will last for 10 minutes. For the third round to begin you will need an hour, and the third round will last 15 minutes. The numbers are, of course, completely dependent on you but you get the main idea.

The female orgasm is something COMPLETELY different. Each number in the graph, except 6 and 7,
shows an orgasm. Unlike us, after they reach climax, their intensity only goes higher. There is a very small cooldown period with them as well, but it is usualy a few seconds. As you can see in this graph, if you keep going for enough time, and if you know what you are doing, by the time you are done, the lady will be in a state that we, as males, cant even imagine. The intensity of their first few orgasms are usually not as high as ours, but what they lack in intensity, they make up in quantity. After some time, their intensity level reaches somewhere near ours. So imagine yourself having orgasm with less than a minute apart. As you can see in number 4, they can also reach a "pulse" climax like ours. After the act is done, the time it takes for them to be turned "off " is also much longer then ours (which is instantly in our case). What you dont see in the graph, is each time they have an orgasm, the next one comes faster. For example, it may take you 10 minutes to make her reach her first climax. If you guys keep at it for a good 2 hours, by the end of it, in that same 10 minutes, she may have 5-6 orgasms, with much higher intensity than the first one. In the above graph, you see the lady having her first climax at the point shown with "1". In 2 and 3 she gets two more. In the 4th one she climaxes in a much intense way, similar to male orgasm. This is usually reached by stimulating g-spot (I will talk a lot about these subjects later on). In 5 she gets one more. In 6, the male partner is finally done, and the deed is finished. In 7 you see the lady being turned "off" slowly. While they are "on" they are very sensitive. If you touch the right spot in the right way, you can begin all over again if you want to.

So as you can see, there are two keypoints; lasting for a long time, and knowing where to stimulate and how.
Fellas, if you have any questions, please comment. Ladies, if you see any faults, or would like to add anything please do so.


Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Before we move on to other chapters, we need to understand the concept well enough. Lets take an evolutionary perspective.
As you well know, we, homo sapiens, are a close relative of apes. So when you think about your instincts about sex, you should consider the apes.
Most guys have a premature ejaculation problem. Believe it or not, this is because we are wired to ejaculate prematurely. Most girls have a hard time reaching climax even once during intercourse. This is also the natural way of things. Here is how it goes with the apes;
1. The females objective is to mate with as many males as possible in order to increase the chance of pregnancy.
2. The males objective is to carry its genes to the next generation by mating with a female.
3. They are not in a water-bed, in front of a fire place. They are in jungle. There are dangers, and they are defenceless during the act.
4. So the mating process must take place as fast as possible.
5. As a result, the male reaches climax as fast as possible. They have only 1 bullet. Once they are done, they get out of the way.
6. Meanwhile, the females climax takes time. And even after she reaches climax, she can keep going (multiple orgasms). This enables her to gather as much genes as possible, and maximise the chance of pregnancy.

So as you can see, if you give in to your instincts, you will be a practical, yet lousy lover.
You will have to learn self-control, which will be covered in the next blog..

Preparation for Action

Guys sex is dangerous. The experience consists of a lot of body fluid transaction which means if you have sex with the same person enough times, you will end up sharing pretty much all the diseases she has.
The most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are chlamydia, gonorrhea, and genital herpes. The first two are bacterial infections, which means you can eventually get rid of them. The last one is viral, meaning as long as you live, you will carry the virus which will re-surface whenever your immune system weakens for whatever reason. Chlamydia and gonorrhea both cause some discharge from your dong and it burns when you pee. There might be some fever but they both won't be lethal. If you have sex while you are showing symptoms you will transmit it to your partner. Herpes causes sores to appear on your thingy. They might burn or itch. They will pass without using any medicine but they will come back. Once you get it, you will transmit it whenever the sores are there. 
There is, of course, HIV, which will cause your whole immune system to crumble down, and most likely kill you. If I remember correctly, the odds of getting HIV from an infected woman, even if you don't use protection, was %6. Don't let the low persantage fool you. %6 chance to die for some lousy sex is %6 too much for me. It is significantly higher for women. You can get HIV from kissing but it is a very low chance.
You can also get cold sores from kissing, or oral sex. Since there are usually traces of fecal matter (poo) around the genital regions unless the girl just took a shower, there is also a chance of getting hepatitis A from oral sex. 
Are you scared yet? Well don't be. Millions of people are having sex each minute and most of them are just fine. 
There a lot of benefits to having sex. Having sex is a great method of some cardio excersice. Dopamine is released during and right after the act which causes you to be happy ( most drugs make you happy by increasing the efficieny of dopamine in your brain or mimicing dopamine ). At the moment of orgasm you release oxytocin which causes you to feel intimate, or in love, with your partner. A natural love elixir. Also, having sex strengthens your immune system GREATLY by being exposed to the weak bacteria and virus of your partner. Works just like a vaccination.
So here is my advice on the matter; if you trust the girl, if you guys are long-term, you MIGHT consider not using a condom after a certain number of encounters. Otherwise use condom all the time. Even if you know the girl, using a condom is always the best way to go. If you are in a situation where you can have sex but do not have a condom, don't have sex. Remember that sex lasts for a short time, but the after effects might cost you your life. Condoms will also be the best method of birth control (I will talk about this subject in future blogs).


Ok. I am assuming that, if you are reading this, you are most likely a male between the ages 15 to 30 who has a girlfriend or another girl who can be a potential sex partner, and you are expecting to have sex. However, this is either your first time, or even if it is not, you are not really confident about your performance. You might have absolutely no idea what to do in the bed. You might think you are a sex-machine but your girlfriend seems to not agree with you. You might need some tips, some advice, a walkthrough, from someone with the scientific know-how.
Welcome to my blog.